Winter Weeknight Dinners

During the winter weeknight, dinners are a different type than meals eaten during warm weather. This happens for several reasons, the first it helps the body stay warm eating heavier foods, cooking does not heat up the house and different appliances are used.

In the summer using a grill is common, but in the winter hearty stews are easy to make using a crock pot. Going about daily routines and having a tasty beef or chicken stew ready at mealtime with this appliance. Meatloaf is a standard with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Spaghetti and meatballs are always a favorite or split pea and ham with crusty bread. Then there are weekday comfort foods like chicken noodle or chicken and dumplings, French Onion soup, and chili.

Fancy meals can be a part of weekday dinners without taking an extreme amount of time to prepare and cook or bake, and without an excessive amount of ingredients. Pork medallions and chicken Kiev are two meals that sound exciting, taste perfect and are easy for almost any cook. Stir fry is another fast weeknight meal that has meat, vegetables and other ingredients in one pan. Add this to rice and it is a complete and satisfying meal. Casseroles are another fast favorite on weeknights that can range from chicken to Mexican. Pasta is always quick and tasty ingredients can make a fast meal like pasta with four kinds of cheese, ham, and peas. These are some of the winter foods that work perfectly for winter evening meals without a lot of preparation or that can cook while doing other things and come to the table in the evening to find a crock pot filled with a great meal.