Wolfgang Puck Thinks LA Has The Best Food In America

Wolfgang Puck has been a staple of the Los Angeles food and restaurant scene for over 35 years. He opened his first restaurant in the city in 1982 and the rest has been culinary history. It would not come as any surprise then that in a recent Food and Wine magazine interview that the Austrian born Puck claims that LA has the best food in America.

In the interview, Puck says that Los Angeles has made an international mark on food and dining. He goes on to say that the culture of LA has been able to influence how people see food.

‘There is only one place and that is Los Angeles’ said Puck in reference to the best food in America. ‘You know why? They have the best farmers and they have the most diverse restaurants. We have great Chinese food. We have Little Tokyo. We have Koreatown. We have all of these different cities within the city and they all have their different cultures’ added Puck.

Puck went on to say in his interview that a lot of the firsts in the American restaurant business took place in Los Angeles and happened at his restaurants such as Chinois On Main and Spago. He believes that he was the first to have an open kitchen and also one of the first to serve rare tuna which is widely accepted these days.