Mostly Vegetarian, Call Me a Flexitarian

There are countless diet trends that have come and gone over the years, one of the terms that have been popping up more recently is the flexitarian diet. Simply put, a flexitarian follows a vegetarian, no meat, diet the majority of the time but occasionally eats meat. Another name for flexitarian in semi-vegetarian.

This diet is overall very healthy since meat is being consumed in moderation. There is no set number to how frequently a flexitarian eats meat versus a person on a standard diet. It is an ideal lifestyle for people that prefer to reduce their carbon footprint, but may not want to, or fully be able to, commit to being 100% vegetarian.

No matter what types of food a person consumes, it is completely their decision. There’s no right or wrong diet, although medical professionals would recommend a healthy diet with all the food groups being represented in moderation. Ultimately people should choose to eat what they are comfortable with rather than following a fad diet just because it is trendy. Friends that push you to conform to their diet restrictions should rethink their stance. Accepting everyone, carnivore, vegetarian, or flexitarian will make the world a somewhat happier place to live in.