There are several comfort foods for vegetarians.

The first one of these comfort foods is mac and cheese. This dish is going to be made of cauliflower, butternut squash, cashews, and potatoes. It is a simple recipe that can be made in 30 minutes.

The second one of the comfort foods is a vegetable pot pie. Since it is going to be made with almond milk, it is going to be so creamy that you are not even going to notice that there is no dairy in it. It also has a flaky biscuit top and filled with plenty of vegetables.

The third one of these comfort foods is mushroom stroganoff. There is no need for beef in this dish because of the creamy mushrooms that you are going to be using. If you are wanting to add some richness to the dish, you can add some almond milk and vegetable broth to it. The fourth comfort food is a grilled cheese with jalapeno peppers. Of course, the cheese is going to be vegan but it is still going to melt perfectly between the two slices of bread. The peppers are going to help give the sandwich a little kick.

The fifth one of the comfort foods for vegetarians is a meatball sub. The meatballs are going to be made of white beans and mushrooms to give them their meaty taste. You can mix that with onions, garlic, spices, and breadcrumbs. When you combine them with marinara sauce, you will never know the meat is messing. The last comfort food is a pizza. One of the most popular pizzas for vegetarians is the green goddess. The sauce will be a combination of pesto, cheese, and cashews instead of using a heavy marinara sauce on the pizza. Therefore, it is going to taste great.

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