Vegetables Star in This Healthy, Comforting Cacciatore

For a number of cooks one of the basic problems with cacciatore is the vegetables. Too many times the vegetables are cooked just a little long, creating vegetables that are more wilted by the heat and thus making their flavors a little muddied. For those who want the vegetables to pop a little there a couple of tricks that could be tried.

The first is to shock the vegetables using a cold bath. Part of the problem is that vegetables continue to cook well after they are taken off the heat; this continued cooking can create wilted vegetables. The obvious solution is to quickly throw the vegetables into a cold bath after they are done cooking so as to arrest the cooking process. It is advised that you have some sort of hand sieve available to pull out the vegetables as quickly as possible. This also means that the chicken and tomato sauce should be hot so as to make sure that the dish is served at an optimal temperature.

The second is to use slightly larger chunks of vegetables, working with more of a rough cut than the finer chopping usually required by a cacciatore. While the edges may be a little well cooked, the body of the vegetable should remain crunchy and flavorful, making for a wonderful little dish. The only other remaining option is to limit the amount of liquid used, but that would make the cacciatore lse a lot of the texture one associates with a delicious cacciatore. Try these you should have a wonderfully comfortable cacciatore with incredible vegetables.