Pie Wreaths will be the Center of your Holiday Evening

Food is the center of every holiday event. Whether you are having a large gathering or a small event, the way that you display your food will make all the difference in your night. First, all you need to do is choose a pie. To make the most out of your decorating, choose a pie that goes with the theme of your decor. If you have a jewel tone and wilderness theme, then consider a three berry pie. This combination of colors and flavors will reflect the wildflower effect in the rest of your decor. If you have a silver-toned theme, consider a classic apple cinnamon pie. This will add a subtle pop of color will add the perfect amount of rustic style to the atmosphere. If you have a classic red and green color scheme, consider a pumpkin pie to complete your dinner table.

Your holiday atmosphere can be elevated by adding a simple wreath to wrap around your pie. This finishes the scene in a classic and rustic way. Wreathes can vary in style as much as your holiday decor does. If you chose the three berry pie, consider a wildflower wreath with herbs intermixed. With an apple cinnamon pie, choose a classic evergreen wreath with small jingle bells intertwined. Finally, if you choose a pumpkin pie, finish your setting with a mistletoe wreath finished with red berries.

Your family and guests will appreciate your attention to detail. This simple, easy and cheap finishing will ensure that your holiday dinner is memorable.

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