Top 5 Foods That Stop You From Bloating

One of natures diuretics that even doubles as a subtle laxative, both of which lower the amount of salt that your body has retained. This effect is amplified if you put lemons in your water, as drinking more water increases hydration, lowering bloating. So don’t be afraid to ask for a water with Lemon during your next dining night!

Watermelon is another natural diuretic and contains a very thirst quenching 92 percent water! As we learned earlier, water assists greatly in reducing bloating, but also contains a large amount of potassium as well. It is very important that sodium (salt) and potassium levels are evenly stable, as this greatly reduces and prevents bloating.

Today’s world is chalk full of starches, and it’s challenging to find foods that provide a good replacement for complex carbohydrates. In fact, many types of carbohydrates are either completely or partially indigestible. When your stomach cannot digest these carbs, high levels of gas forms and this causes severe bloating. Rice is able to fully digest in the small intestines, reducing greatly the ability for your body to bloat.

Known for its “good” bacteria, low and non-fat yogurts are able to assist in the efficient flow of your digestive tract. Keeping things moving along is a great way to prevent bloating. Be sure to avoid yogurts that contain many additives though, as they contain high levels of sugar.

A bloating quick-fix! With high levels of water and dietary fiber, cucumbers are able to increase urination. This is an instant relief of bloating and will prevent it as well. Eating Cucumbers is a very quick and effective way if you’re feeling mentally down from heavy bloating.