Top 10 Organic Fruits & Vegetables You Need to be Eating

There are many added benefits of eating more organic fruits and vegetables. Organic foods have no fertilizers or pesticides used on them, making them safer for human consumption. There are some organic fruits and vegetables that you need to be eating and buying regularly. These are more susceptible to pesticides due to the direct contact and lack of protective outer layer. Here are a few of the fruits and vegetables that you need to be buying organically:


6.Bell Peppers

Each of these fruits and vegetables have been known to have the highest concentrations of contaminations from pesticides, fertilizers and common harmful bacteria. By choosing to eat these top 10 fruits and vegetables organically you will be able to avoid harmful toxins that can cause your healthy snack to cause you serious harm. Many of these have a higher than normal absorption rate due to their lack of thicker outer skin like an avocado or orange, and higher concentration of soluble water. The higher concentration of water absorbs more chemicals than other fruits and vegetables typically do.


High concentrations of pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides have been directly liked to carcinogens and in many cases can be prevented by eating organically grown foods. Many of these chemicals not only lead to cancerous cells in your body, but also have a variety of other consequences. They can cause hormone disruptions, neurotoxins, developmental, birth and reproduction defects. By buying the fruits and vegetables organically that consistently appear on the lists of highest concentrations of chemicals you can ensure the safety of the fruits and vegetables for your family.