Tips Your Mother Should Have Taught You

When it comes to cooking, most of us got our ways of doing certain things from our mothers. The way you crack your eggs, the way you spread that butter-all from mama! Well there are some things you learn on your own. There are some things you wished your mother had taught you but didn’t. Certain tips and tricks your mother either didn’t know or held back from you. Or maybe she did teach you and you need a little refresh of memory! That’s what we are going to get into now! Here are a few short tips on what your mother should of taught you!

Just add water!

One of the tips your mother should have taught you is about reheating your food! Sometimes you might want to at a certain food hot again but you know that might get hard in the microwave. Heres a tip my mom taught me-put cup of water inside the microwave with your food to add moisture inside the food your heating up. That takes away the hard dryness you get when you go to heat up the food!

Long live Bananas!

If you want to keep the banana life span a little longer, just take some plastic wrap and wrap those bananas up inside. This will slow down the ripening process!

Just Add Salt!

People tend to forget about salt. Salt can provide the most powerful experience in your whole recipe! Do not underestimate its power! Salt can bring out the taste in any recipe or food you are cooking! I promise it won’t make your food taste like saltwater. It will actually enhance and bring out the flavor in anything you are cooking.