The Puppy Bowl Has an Official Coffee for Humans

The weather is wintry, the nation’s amateur chefs are reaching for their most trusty
tailgate recipes, and the spirit of rivalry is in the air. This can only mean one
thing: the spectacle of the Super Bowl is upon us. Baseball may be known as America’s
pastime, but football must be a close second; the prospect of the showdown between the
nation’s best professional teams dominates the airwaves year after year. Non-football
fans can take heart that another, far cuter competition will soon arrive.

The Puppy Bowl, an adorable playoff of Olympic proportion, features frolicking puppies
doing their very best to prove their athletic prowess. Complete with a “Kitty Halftime
Show” where the felines have the audience’s attention, the Puppy Bowl is must-see TV
for animal lovers across the country. Yet even extreme cuteness cannot combat the
winter doldrums alone, which is why its network, Animal Planet, has teamed up with a
coffee company to give viewers a boost.

Grounds & Hounds is the name of a kind-hearted coffee company that aspires to provide
customers with great coffee and dogs with loving homes. For the Fourteenth Annual Puppy
Bowl, the company has created a special Puppy Bowl Blend that promises to be not only
flavorful and organic, but potentially life-saving. Twenty to thirty percent of
proceeds from the limited blend will support canine rescue efforts. Now when you wake
up with a hot cup of coffee, you just might be helping a dog wake up in a new, loving