Stacked Salade Niçoise

Workers that are looking for an alternative to the fast food during their lunch hour may want to consider the benefits of the
Stacked Salade Niçoise. This is a lunch that can be stacked in a mason jar, and that makes it stay fresh and it is easy to carry this lunch.

The great thing about the
Stacked Salade Niçoise is that it provides people with a chance to get a great amount of nutritious foods into their bodies with the combination of green beans, chopped red peppers, red onions, and tuna. Stacking this along with other things like mustard, maple syrup, olive oil and salt makes this a great meal.

Recipes are found online, and people that get into making these
Stacked Salade Niçoise meals for lunch may even want to stack two mason jars and bring one for a friend. It is also a great picnic concept for a couple that may be eating out in the park. There are so many possibilities for eating healthy, but it takes a little bit of creativity to make this your daily reality. It is always a choice that one is going to have to make when it comes to eating healthy.

The Stacked Salade Niçoise is a favorite for so many people that have wondered how they would find something creative to get them to take interest and salad. It can be very easy to get distracted if you’re eating the same bland salad everyday. This changes the lunchtime salad.