Cuberting In Style

Most people are really concerned where they eat, imagine eating off a plate that was served to you on the ground. No appetizing is it? Not really. However many people also like to explore the small dark, and sometimes questionable hygiene of some eateries just to be shocked by how mouth watering the food is.

Now if you’re a 5 start restaurant person then maybe this isn’t the article for you, however if you like to explore and live on the edge you may want to stick around.

This news just came in about the Cubert, a smallish, cooking stand where you can buy food from. Some are probably uncomfortable about the thought, however if you think of it this way it’s no different then say a tent or a food truck.

Now if you’re a new beginner who likes the idea of feeding the world but still wants to gain profit then get your pens ready. A Cubert also helps with travel costs, not to mention it’s a lot less set up then the traditional cooking prep stations. Using only 8 feet of space, the Cubert is hauled away each day after use. Mr. Cohen is the creater of such a wonderful product and has Cubert ready to be used at a time. If business picks up he will expand according to need of course.

Definitely something to weight your pros and cons about, but no clean up, no traveling cost, plus a more let’s say active atmosphere for potential customers? That’s a no brainier for most. Check out the Cubert collection today.