Perfect Turkey In An Electric Roaster Oven

It’s that time of year again so out comes my electric roaster oven. I have found that it’s the easiest way to deliver a deliciously moist bird.

Thanksgiving morning finds me setting the roaster on my dryer and the removable insert on my kitchen counter. The use of a roaster frees up the oven for the rest of the day’s feast and putting it somewhere out of the kitchen leaves maximum counter place.

A caveat here: You do not need to baste a turkey that cooks in an electric roaster, it self-bastes; however, if you, too, have basters over for Thanksgiving, just be sure to add some extra cooking time to allow for the lid being raised.

After dialing to highest setting to preheat, turkey prep starts. Thoroughly wash and dry the entire bird. Generously salt and pepper the inside, adding your favorite seasonings. I prefer a mix of sage, thyme and rosemary on both the inside and outside. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After seasoning the interior, I use either halved lemons and onion or quartered apples and celery stalks, whichever combo appeals to me during prep, and place them in the cavity. They will be removed and tossed after cooking, but add a wonderful layer of taste.

Then the fun part. I’ve never tried to catch a greased pig, but I suspect coating an 18 pound turkey in a fusion of melted butter and olive oil comes close. But well worth it.

Add your seasonings to the outside of the turkey along with just a touch of paprika and place in the insert pan. Place that in the electric roaster oven at 325 degrees and roast for 20 minutes per pound until internal temperature reaches 165 to 170 degrees.

Enjoy your turkey!