Over half American kids will be obese by 35

While it is great that the fashion industry is embracing curvier plus-size models, parents need to remember that over half of American kids will be obese by age 35 according to medical experts. There are things that can prevent this from happening. How a family eats often determines how healthy and fit the children are. Bad habits at an early age can cause issues later in life. Alternately, when children adopt good eating habits at younger ages they are more likely to maintain a healthy weight later on. Simply substituting fatty, salty and over processed foods with healthier choices can make a huge difference.

Try buying fat-free foods, and use fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits instead of canned products that generally contain higher sodium and sugar contents. Encourage water flavored with fresh fruit instead of sugary sodas and artificially flavored juices. Plans meals ahead to avoid last minute stops at fast food joints. Instead of chips, try crackers with real cheese. Have plain popcorn for movie nights, and avoid keeping high calorie and unhealthy snacks lying around. Plan after dinner family walks or weekend touch football games with kids. Kids should never feel bad about their weight or looks.

When the whole family eats healthier and exercises regularly, the children often imitate. Make mealtimes fun. Try baking with kids using healthy ingredients. Kids typically will eat what they have made. Allow kids to help choose healthier foods when shopping. Teach and use appropriate food proportions to ward off obesity.

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