Our Lifestyles Are Killing Us

Eating fried food is deadly to good health. Eating hamburgers can destroy your waistline. Eating poor food doesn’t do well to help make you healthier. This is why vegetables need to make up the majority of your diet. The standard American diet of a BLT sandwich and French fries is a lot of added calories. Artichokes, green beans, corn, and other vegetables have markedly less calories than other types of food. Rice and meat is good for your dietary habits, as is pasta but overloading on any food group is bad for you. Having an unhealthy lifestyle is bad for your money as well as your waist.

To cut up a whole artichoke you first cut off the bottom of the stem, and you pull off the dark leaves at the base. You cut off ½ inch of the artichoke, and using scissors you trim off the sharp tips. The artichoke heart is inside the top third and remains after you cut off that third. If you use a paring knife, you peel away the outer layer of the stem, cutting it in half, lengthwise. You can discard the hairy part as well as the inner leaves with thorns. For the bottom, you the dark leaves, leaving the pale ones behind. Removing the base of leaves comes next, and you have to take out the inner leaves that have thorns on them. Rubbing artichokes with lemon juice helps preserve them as they oxidize easily.