Lobster Poutine

Lobster Poutine, the colloquial Canadian comfort dish, originated in the ‘50’s in Quebec. There are many variations on this popular dish, but the original consists of French fried, cheese curds and a creamy lobster sauce. Poutine itself is just fries, gravy and cheese curds but it can be very diverse. People use sausages, chicken, and smoked meats as well. While there are many types of poutine, lobster is a favorite among Canadian. Poutine is hailed as a cure-all for overindulgence in alcohol and partying. It is often served the day after Canada Day. The best part of these recipes is the amount of each ingredient is entirely up to you. Like a lot of gravy? Pour it on. Prefer your cheese curds to be more of a compliment than the main ingredient? Scale it back. Lobster Poutine is not only delicious but very easy to throw together at a moments notice. Enjoy!


1 bag Frozen French Fries
1 Can of Brown Gravy
1 Package Cheddar Cheese Curds
Lobster Chunks (as many as you like)
Chives for garnish
The rest is simple. Prepare your fries as the package directs. Place cheese curds, splashes of brown gravy and lobster chunks on top and broil just until cheese begins to melt. Take it out and enjoy!