Show Stopper Wedding Cakes – Life Size Wedding Cake Dress

Choosing the cake is an important part of the wedding planning process for a bride a groom. The wedding cake taste tasting day is when you used your taste buds to help decide what will be on display at your wedding. But choosing the look of the cake is just as important. Why not have a feast for the eyes? Put your cake decorators skills on display with a show stopping life size wedding cake dress.

Wedding trends are changing all the time. Currently there is a trend of creating life size wedding dress cakes. Many of them are created to specifically match the bride’s wedding dress and when you look at them, it’s hard to imagine eating it instead of taking it to the dressing room to try it on.

If the wedding dress cake is just the touch your looking for to add the “WOW” factory to your wedding, make sure to find a cake decorating professional that can pull off your show stopping display. From sugar art flowers to glistening pearls the time put into these dresses is a labor of love. The final results are sure to stun your guest and put an unexpected twist on your special day.