For the love of hummous

Growing up, we always knew that kids and vegetables don’t mix – whether it was from first-hand experience or simply by hearing the stories about them. In today’s world however, eating healthy is becoming more prolific and accepting with the kids. Schools provide healthier meals, more organic foods are being offered in grocery stores and restaurants, and more classes and lessons are being taught to learn more about healthy eating. These changes have allowed a healthier lifestyle for the kids.

One of the vegetables that has become quickly favored with the kids, is hummous. Hummous is a dip that is made from mashed chickpeas or any other type of bean. It doesn’t sound like something the kids would like, does it? Well, now there are new and innovative recipes that introduce kid-friendly versions of hummous that they will absolutely love.

First of all, kids love dips. No matter what kind of dip it is, kids like the hands-on approach of dipping their chips (or bread) in the dip. It’s the only time that they will get away with playing with their food and eating with their hands.

Secondly, hummous is mashed. Kids for some reason like mashed food. Whether it’s mashed potatoes, oatmeal, even smoothies and shakes have some concept of mashed food in it. And hummous is the ultimate mashed food.

So, the next time the kids are craving a snack – make it a healthy one with kid-friendly hummous. They will eat it willingly with zero complaining.