Kale no more

There are a few reasons why a person should not eat so much kale. The first reason is that there is a lot of fiber inside of kale. Therefore, it can be too much for a person’s digestive system. Fiber is not digested and will stay in a person’s digestive tract so because of all of the fiber, a person can get irritable bowel syndrome. The fiber that is inside of kale is the same type of fiber that is found in nuts and seeds so it can be hard on the digestive system so a person can experience bloating.

The second reason is that the kale contains raffinose, which is a sugar that the body has a hard time breaking down. The other vegetables that have this sugar is legumes, cabbage, beans, and broccoli. Our stomach and small intestines do not have the right enzymes inside of it in order to digest the sugar correctly. Therefore, it is going to stay in the large intestine, where it will become fermented. This is when the body will start to produce carbon dioxide and methane. This is going to happen after a person eats some of these foods like gas problems.

The third reason is that it can affect the way that your thyroid gland is going to function. If you cook the kale, then you don’t have to worry as much about this problem but when you eat it raw, it can cause problems. Most of the time, a person is going to have small amounts of the raw kale inside of a smoothie or in the form of the kale juice so it won’t cause too much harm. But if you already have problems with your thyroid, then the kale is going to need to be cooked all the way.


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