Healthy Meal Plan for Food Revolution Day

As we rung in the new year many promises were made to ourselves, one usually being to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthier can be difficult especially when your just starting out, you sometimes need a little direction. I am here to provide that direction and outline the basics of implementing a healthier diet into your everyday routine.

The first step to eating a healthier diet is making small, but important changes fist. Start by cutting out the extra snacks that you sometimes peck at in between meals, the calories in snacking can really add up, especially when they are high calorie snacks like chips, pretzels and candy. The second step would be to eliminate fatty foods completely. Anything that is fried or heavily breaded is going to be high in fat which is basically like slurping up the oil it was deep fried in. Stick to meats that are grilled or baked as opposed to fried.

Another important factor to eating healthy is timing. Try to stick to the same meal times everyday, and only eat at those times. By keeping a schedule it is easier to keep track of the foods you are eating, and it reduces the amount of snacking in between. Try to not eat late at night as well, since anything you eat before bed just sits in your stomach while you sleep, and is more likely to cause weight gain.

The last step to eating a healthier diet, is to always eat breakfast. Make sure when you wake up in the morning you reach for a healthy breakfast to get your metabolism going. Go for some yogurt, fruit or oatmeal to create a good jump start to your day.