Jamie Oliver Promotes Healthy Eating Worldwide

Jamie Oliver promotes healthy eating. He is a celebrity chef and owns several restaurants. He is know for healthy international recipes. Jamie was born in England and educated there. In 1999 his television show the Naked Chef debuted. This lead to the making of a documentary called Jamie’s Kitchen.

His website The Food Revolution is raising awareness of healthy eating around the world. His work is changing laws and ways of cooking through consumer involvement. In Mexico and the UK sugary drinks are now taxed as way to cut down on over consumption. Governments are now saying big companies cannot tell us what to feed our kids.

Jamie wants to see changes in food education and the ways countries handle children’s health. The UK is coming out with a program called Childhood Obesity Strategy this summer. Jamie would like to see every country make serious changes in their eating patterns.

In added more vegetarian recipes to his own cooking because he has children. He cooks vegetarian meals three or four times a week without any meat. He says they are healthier and less expensive to make. Some of the vegetarian recipes on his site are mushroom bourguignon, baked squash, black bean burgers, and sake leek and mushroom pie. These gives fans an idea of some of the food he eats at home with his family.

When dealing with kids that are fussy eaters Jamie Oliver says its important to involve them in cooking the meal. When they are involved in shopping and preparing the food this makes kids more likely to eat and try the recipe. They may not always like it but at least they will try it.