How To Roast A Turkey In A Bag

Holiday parties and family gatherings are busy times Utilizing a cooking bag when making your Holiday Turkey has several positives. First of all it makes your process hands off, no basting or draining during the cooking process. Second it is going to produce a delicious juicy Turkey. Third your gravy will be made and finally fourth, the clean up is as easy as tossing the bag in the garbage. No scrubbing that roasting pan for a half hour.

The best part is, the process is very simple and virtually mindless. Here’s how.

Step 1) Remove the turkey from its packaging, remove the giblets, neck, etc..Give it a good rinse inside and out then pat dry

Step 2) Rub all the skin of the turkey with butter, season as you prefer and add any root vegetables, garlic and root vegetables to the cavity that you prefer.

Step 3) Place the prepped turkey in the bag, add some more root vegetables, herbs, garlic a ¼ cup of flour (this will create your gravy) then tie a knot or use the twist tie provided with the bag to close the bag. Cut 4 to 6 one inch slits in the bag for ventilation and place the bag into a roasting pan.

Step 4) Cook according to the time and temperature recommended on the cooking chart provided with the oven bag

Step 5) When the Turkey is at 170 degrees remove from the oven and let stand for 15 minutes, this should raise the final temperature to 180 degrees. Now cut the bag open and your turkey is ready for carving and your gravy is ready to be finished.