How To Grill The Perfect Steak

Would you like to grill up a juicy, seasoned to perfection, mouth watering steak? Here’s how to grill your steak to a delicious perfection. Steak has been an all time favorite for many, many years and will likely remain to be favored by many. There are many different ways to prepare steak, grilled, fried, baked, smothered with gravy and onions, cooked in soups, salads and even barbecued. Could be cooked well done, medium rare or lightly cooked or overdone.

However, grilled steaks are very popular. Here is a quick, easy and satisfying method to grill the perfect steak.

1. Start with a nice fresh steak. Beware of steak that’s been sitting too long or is out of date.
2. Rinse your steak thoroughly to remove blood and debris that’s left from packaging.
3. After rinsing, lay steak flat onto wax paper and proceed to dry excess water from both sides of it.
4. Lightly butter steak on either side and season with your favorite seasoning.
(Tip) rosemary, thyme and garlic makes a combination
5. Proceed to place steak on to grill with open flame, cook until it is to your desired tendency.

Keep in mind that there are many different vegetables that can be thrown onto the grill with steak, such as onions and bale peppers. If you’re watch your sodium intake, natural seasonings such as lemon pepper is a perfect substitute.

Adjust the flame to a lower setting for slow cook to make your steak even more succulent. Keep watch on it and keep it turned for even cooking. Remove and top with steak sauce and enjoy!