2 of the Best Alternatives to Using Salt

Generally, there are numerous individuals who love the taste of salt, but there are equally those who dislike it. Also, salt can be very bad for you, however, it also serves many purposes as well.

Deciding whether or not to eat salt, is not for your own judgment, it’s what the doctor orders that counts. Therefore, if your doctor insists that you stay away from salty foods or salt altogether, then you really need to take this serious and abide.

Don’t fret, if for some reason you have to avoid salt, there are lots of alternatives to flavoring your food that will taste just as good, if not better. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Garlic – Not only does garlic, add a delicious zesty taste to your food, many claims that it is also good for you, especially, when it comes to a healthy heart. So, don’t be afraid to pour it on thick and enjoy the dual value that garlic adds to your food.

2. Lemon Pepper – You should know that although lemon has a sour taste when eaten raw — when cooked — it adds a whole new flavor to your food without being too tangy. More importantly, lemon has been known to be used as a dietary supplement as it reduces fat. Additionally, pepper is also beneficial as it too is associated with weight loss, and also reduces a cough and cold. Furthermore, when you mix the two together (lemon and pepper) you got a spice that can help make almost any meal delicious.