How To Cook Octopus At Home

The most important thing to remember when cooking Octopus is the delicacy is quite sensitive to heat and must be handled at a very specific temperature. You don’t want to try to rush the octopus before it’s properly done either like any other seafood. As long as you follow these two rules, there aren’t going to be too many problems for you.

Octopus is traditionally served with rice and a small serving of vegetables, but this isn’t getting the most out of the overall meal. The best way to enjoy octopus is to give you and your fellow diners a stark contrast. Yogurt and blueberries are absolutely perfect for this job. The blueberries will give the octopus a subtle sweetness while the yogurt will add a tangy touch to it. This synergy gives the octopus something it would otherwise not have.

If you want something a bit more “traditional”, you can try octopus with pasta. The pasta serves the same role as rice, but it makes the dish feel like a much more familiar serving. Warm butter and shallots compliment octopus pasta as well. The butter gives the entire ensemble a homemade vibe similar to Southern cooking with an exotic twist. Tomato sauces do not work well with octopus so you will likely want to avoid them. This is a dish specifically meant for a certain sort of flavor somewhere between buttery and sour. Stick to that the range and you’ll absolutely love the dishes you make with octopus.