How to Clean Your Cast Iron

Ask any cook about their favorite type of cookware and chances are cast iron will be on the list. However, most people don’t know how to take care of cast iron cookware and that’s a shame since properly cared for cast iron cookware will last pretty much forever. Keep reading for tips on how to clean your cast iron.

1. If the cookware has only been used to sauté or fry something, a wipe with a paper towel might be all the cleaning your cast iron needs.

2. If it is time for a dunking, then use hot water but no soap. Most dishwashing detergents can remove the seasoning from cast iron.

3. If your cast iron is especially dirty, then use a plastic scrubber but gently, only hard enough to remove the stuck on food.

4. Another way to remove stuck on food is salt. A mixture of table salt and oil can be used as an abrasive. The oil will seep into any scratches to preserve the seasoning of your cast iron.

5. Once your cast iron is clean, the next step is drying it. If cast iron is stored damp, there is the possibility of rust. So dry your cast iron well and store in a well-ventilated place to make sure it dries thoroughly. For extra insurance, put your cast iron on a burner on the stove just long enough to heat the cast iron. Leave the pan on the stove until cool before storing.

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