Four Common Herbs and Spices with Health Benefits

Since the beginning of human history, herbs and spices have been used for medicinal purposes. Futhermore, researchers have discovered that ancient cultures from vastly different parts of the world commonly used the same kinds of herbs and spices as medicine.

These days, medicinal herbs and spices are not at all hard to find. In fact here is a list of four common healing herbs and spices you may already have on hand at home.

• Cinnamon

With the highest antioxidant value of any spice cinnamon can help reduce inflammation. It also has been linked to lowering blood sugar levels and relieving nausea.

• Oregano

Oregano has been found to have strong antibacterial properties which can be useful in helping fight infection. Oregano also anti-inflammatory properties and may help treat osteoporosis and prevent cancer.

• Cayenne

Cayenne can help increase circulation and aid heart health. Hot and spicy foods often made with cayenne, have also been credited with helping dieters stay on track.

• Basil

This fresh herb is easy to find year round in the produce department of the grocery store. Like oregano it offers antioxidant and antibacterial protection. It also has a good amount of vitamin K, magnesium, manganese and vitamin A.

A number of other easily obtainable herbs and spices also have health benefits. Of course no herbal remedies can substitute for a real doctor’s care. However, it’s good to know that many staple ingredients we rely on for flavor, can also lead to better health.