Healthy Clubhouse SandwHealthy Clubhouse Sandwich

The classic clubhouse sandwich consists of toasted bread, sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Often times it is double stacked, cut into quarters and served with cocktail sticks holding each quarter together. Although this classic sandwich is great, we can make a few changes to make it a more healthy option for your lunch.

1.Avoid double stacking the sandwich, adding an additional slice of bread in the center, and make sure that all bread used is a whole grain bread preferably with sprouted grains, adding more fiber and protein to the bread.

2. Replace the mayonnaise with smashed avocado or hummus. You can put hummus on one slice of bread and avocado on the other slice, adding a new flavorful dimension to this classic clubhouse sandwich. It will also add additional protein, fiber and healthy fats.

3. Replace the bacon with a lower calorie alternative. You can opt for turkey bacon or even tempeh bacon. Tempeh bacon is made of soybeans, giving you a super boost of vitamins, protein and fiber. Many stores have tempeh near the tofu in a variety of flavors, try the smoky bacon strips as a great bacon alternative.

4. A study by the World Health Organization classified processed meats to include deli meats, and bacon to increase risk of colon cancer by 18%. Drop the deli meat and opt for a freshly grilled turkey or chicken breast sliced thinly. Another alternative is vegetarian deli meat, often made from plants adding a new flavor and more nutrition.

5. Lastly ensure you use the best lettuce possible. Iceberg lettuce has less nutrients that other types of lettuce that taste just as good if not better. A similar alternative would be romaine lettuce, spinach, or even kale.

Making your classic foods healthier doesn’t have to be hard, but it can have some great benefits to your health. Lowering your chances for cancer, increasing nutrient intake and lowering your cholesterol will make your clubhouse sandwich something you can eat without guilt.ich