What Is The Healthiest State In America

Americans are always known for competing, no matter what the competition is and what is at stake. One interesting stat and question is what state is actually the healthiest in the country. The American Public Health Association and the United Health Foundation have regularly come together to determine what state is actually the healthiest in the country.

The latest numbers and studies show that honor belongs to the state of Vermont.

The two organizations took a lot of factors into account when they came up with their list. The reason that they chose Vermont in a recent study was that they have a higher than average high school graduation rate, a very low violent crime rate, the high usage of prenatal care for pregnancies, a low rate of uninsured people, and a huge amount of primary care physicians available among other criteria.

Some of the other states that were mentioned as being very healthy were New Hampshire and Mississippi. Some of the health factors that the study groups looked at were environmental factors, personal health behaviors, and the health policies that are in the state. The most important factor that was taken into account was the quality of critical care that was offered in the state.

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