Frying Eggs Perfectly

Frying the perfect egg seems like the easiest thin in the world, but a dish that many cooks get wrong. The perfect egg with a white slightly crispy white and a yolk set to the perfect degree of runniness. However, with a little knowledge and some practice, frying the perfect egg is within the grasp of any cook no matter their experience. Moreover, once you know how, you will be surprised at how versatile the perfectly fried egg can be.

1. Preheat a pan to medium heat.

2. When the pan is warm, add some butter, oil or bacon fat, half a tablespoon per egg. The calorie conscious can use cooking spray.

3. Add the eggs. The temptation is to crack the egg on the side of the pan and add them directly but cracking them into a small bowl will allow you to keep an eye out for extraneous shells and give you more control over the egg.

4. Allow the egg to cook without disturbing it. Keep an eye on the color of the white and yolk to gauge the doneness.

5. Once the white is done, the decision is to flip or not to flip. Flipping with a spatula is the easiest way to turn eggs over but a cover over the pan will cook the egg all the way to the desired doneness without the danger of breaking the yolk.

6. Once the egg done, slide onto a plate and serve. Salt and pepper to taste.