Kombucha Train 101 – All Abroad!

Kombucha is fantastic health and dietic regiment offering so many health benefits that it is fast becoming a revolutionary lifestyle.

So what is kombucha? It is a raw fermented tea. The health benefits are similar to sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled vegetables and other fermented produce. It is an excellent source for natural ‘Probiotics,’ that is the good supportive bacteria essential for our digestive health.

Probiotics eat the bad bacterias, candida yeast. Everybody has Candida yeast in their gut. When it is overgrown and out of balance, then major health issues can develop. Over a thousand human ailments from cancer to autoimmune disease, to chronic fatigue fibromyalgia, can trace its roots to a Candida imbalance.

When we drink Kombucha on a regular basis, you will fell these immediate changes and benefits to your health.

* You will experience an immediate improvement in your digestive system. You will feel less bloated and your bathroom regiments more regular.

* It detoxes your body and helps regulate your autoimmune system. You will feel energized for the entire day.

* Kombucha is an excellent source of B vitamins, providing up to 20% your daily requirement. Vitamin B supports adrenal gland and produces the hormone that lowers stress.

* Many women gave testimonials that their ‘monthly’ is much more bearable and regular since they started drinking Kombucha.

* There are countless other testimonials from users, benefits such as weight loss, healthier skin, better sleep.

On a practical matter, Kombucha on the retail shelves is expensive some are charged up to $5. The good news is we can make our own Kombucha right at home. It is fun, simple and delicious. Kombucha is genuinely a health train that everyone can find benefits and should get on right away.