New Law Will Benefit Those Working Low Wage Jobs

There are over two hundred organizations nationwide helping workers making low wages since the decline of labor unions. They do not have dues to rely on like unions, almost all the groups are suffering from lacking dependable funding. Several business groups are dismayed that a new law was enacted in New York City last year that will hopefully become a finance model for these organizations nationwide.

Fast food employees that wish to contribute to nonprofit workers’ groups that are not union can have the restaurant take it out of their check and send it to the group by law. The group has to have five hundred worker who pledge contributions before it can receive contributions. Fast Food Justice plans to announce that contributions of $13.50 per month were pledged by twelve hundred fast food workers in New York.

The fight to raise minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour and an inability to get fast food restaurants to sign contracts if the works organized unions led to the law. The law is the first one like it. Several members are in favor of lowering the transit fares to help workers making lower wages. The goal is to allow everyone to earn a wage they can live off of.