F.D.A. Leaves Tainted Foods on Shelves Too Long

Make sure to check dates on food when you’re purchasing them from a store. No matter what it is, sometimes it’s not the stores fault when a can gets knocked down and restocked, or maybe you found something that someone misplaced. We all know it’s not fun when you get home and want to indulge in a bag of chips only to find out that the bag is three weeks past their expiration dates. If this had never happened to you, you’re lucky. If this has happened to you, well then you’re just like the rest of society.

Recent reports have been showing up that the FDA is actually not moving quick enough to get rid of contaminated food in stores. It’s what they’re paid to do though, right?

The inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services has a select few things to say about this. During an examination with the FDA they concluded that some hazardous food was not even removed from store shelves for up to 30 days after they had been recalled! Every day can be crucial for materials such as this, because another day that the recalls stay on the shelf is another day that customers like yourself could be at risk. Food recalls happen frequently and the FDA has control over the vast majority of the food in the U.S. so why are procedures not being executed for things such as this? Be reassured that the FDA is working hard to resolve issues such as these they are even adding on so more can be done for a quicker and more efficient resolve.

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