Wow With Thoughtful Appetizers at Your Next Party

Preparing a menu for a party or social gathering is a fun, albeit stressful, activity. You have to consider options for people with nut or seafood allergies and for any vegetarian guests. A good idea is to have simple, self-serve appetizers to please the masses. Try to mix up the tastes, textures, and temperatures. For example, do both a hot dip and a cold dip. Pair one with crostini and the other with fancy crackers, bonus points if you make them yourself. Try to create a yin and yang effect to your menu or, simply put, create a balance of hot/cold, light/heavy, and large/small food selections.

Here’s a sample appetizer menu:

This example menu has a bit of everything, chicken, crab, prosciutto, and plenty of filling vegetarian options that are much better than standard crudité fare. There are smooth, chunky, crunchy, and soft textures plus hot and cold varieties. Literally, there is something for everyone. Use this sample menu as a jumping point for your own amazing ideas and creations. Your guests will be thrilled at all of the time, thought, and effort you put into your elegant gathering. Prepare to rake in the compliments.