Two Deaths Linked to E.coli Outbreak

Health officials in Canada and the United States have announced multiple recent outbreaks of illness and two deaths caused by the E.coli bacteria.

One death was reported in Canada, and the second occurred in California. 17 of the over 58 cases of illness were reported to have occurred in the United States in 13 different states. The rest occurred in Canada. The Public Health Agency of Canada has been investigating the illnesses. Almost all of the affected patients reported that they had eaten romaine lettuce prior to becoming sickened. Canadian health officials are naming romaine lettuce as the cause of this recent outbreak of E-coli. The romaine lettuce was consumed either at home, as a packaged food or in a restaurant.

Health officials in the United States are still investigating and they have not concluded that romaine lettuce is in fact the cause of the E.coli outbreak. However, they are recommending that as a precautionary measure people should avoid consuming it until their investigation is conclusive.

There are several foods that are frequently linked to be the cause of the E.coli bacteria. Drinking unpasteurized milk, because it is consumed in a raw state is one food. Another possibility is ground beef if incestrial E.coli from the cattle touches the meat. The third food is fresh produce which, like all varieties of lettuce, are frequently consumed raw. It is always wise to heed all warnings set forth by the health department.