Costco’s $5 Rotisserie Chicken

Costco and it’s $5.00 Rotisserie Chicken is making the job of home cooks way too easy. This perfectly cooked chicken has been feeding families in so many ways it’s sort of taken on a life of it’s own. Here a few ways to use your Costco $5 chicken.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Plop that chicken on a serving tray and surround with honey glazed carrots. A baked potato and delicious rolls and butter will finish off your perfect meal. No one will know it didn’t pop out of your oven, and don’t feel shy about boiling that picked over carcas for some rotisserie broth you can freeze and use later.

Pull all that succulent meat off serve with warm tortillas, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and roll away. Taco night on a whole different level.

Chicken Soup
Add the breast meat and dark meat to any soup for a deliciously seasoned kick. Costco’s rotisserie chicken is seasoned perfectly for any soup. Cuts your time in half while adding a ton of flavor to your broth.

Chicken Salad
Pulling the leftover meat off your chicken makes for a scrumptious chicken salad. Just add some celery, mayo or plain yogurt, seasoning, and add to a cucumber boat for a super healthy lunch or dinner. Add some golden raisins for a real bright tasting salad.

Lunch For a Week
One $5 rotisserie chicken can make a week of lunch. Day 1 cut off those legs and wings and that two meals, cook up some rice and veggies to one leg and wing. Serve the other leg and wing cold with some potato salad for day 2. Day 3 chop up some white meat and saute with zucchini and garlic. Toss with some spaghetti and parmesan cheese for Day 3. Day 4 can be sliced white meat with a nice fresh roll, lettuce, tomato and your favorite condiment. Day 5 can take all the leftover pieces and mix with some barbeque sauce, add to a baked potato or bread for a really tasty lunch.

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