Collard Green Scrambled Egg Wrap

Cut out major calories by going gluten free with this collard green breakfast wrap. A take on the on the delicious Southwestern burrito, indulge in one or two filling wraps that will leave you satisfied and guilt-free.


2 large collard green leaves
2 large eggs½ avocado, sliced
¼ cup black beans, drained
½ cup drained salsa
4 sliced of crispy bacon, chopped
2 tbsp shredded parmesan cheese
2 tsp coconut oil
Salt and pepper
Cilantro and hot sauce (optional)

1. Prep the collard greens by laying them flat and shaving the stems vertically to the same height as the leaf and cut off the stem past the leaf.

2. Mix chopped bacon and drained salsa and set aside. Heat coconut oil and scramble eggs with salt and pepper to taste. Aim for a hard scramble. Mix beans with scrambled eggs while still over heat.

3. Place a ¼ portion of the egg and bean mixture on collard leaf and layer with shredded parmesan cheese and avocado. Add another ¼ portion of egg and top with salsa and bacon mixture and cilantro and hot

4. Wrap the collard leaf like a burrito. Pull up sides and fold back of leaf over the sides and filling. Pull in tightly and roll forward. Keep a tight hold while rolling for a perfect, gluten free breakfast burrito.