Cleansing Guide: How to Detox Safely this Spring

Detoxing is a great way to flush out toxins that have accumulated in the body. There are both short term and long term detoxes that can be implemented into the diet. Here are some ways you can detox safely this spring:

1)Short Term

You can do juice cleanses and the best way to prepare for this is by beginning to eliminate certain foods. This includes cutting out sugar and replacing it with as many fruits and vegetables as possible. As well as replacing packaged dinners, and certain foods such as pasta, burgers, and fries with salads, veggies, and water.

What you must absolutely do during this cleanse is reduce acid forming foods to bring your body down to an alkaline state. These include:

-processed foods
-refined sugar

Now you can begin your actual detox. A lot of people like to juice cleanse for around 3 days or 5 days when they do a detox. This comes in the form of green juices and fruit juices. During this detox you can drink as much water as you want, which is just as important.

2) Long Term

A long term detox is not about mainly doing juice cleanses. With long term detoxes, you get rid of all the foods that are harmful to your body. This includes eliminating junk from your diet completely and replacing it with nutrient dense meals that helps with the body’s natural detoxification process.