Brain Fog After Eating? Here Are Some Reasons Why

Brain fog after eating is a real phenomenon. Even if you are unaware that you are experiencing brain fog after chowing down,sometimes, you can pinpoint the symptoms instead. For instance, if after a snack or meal, you feel tired or sluggish, you probably ate something that is high on carbs and low on nutrition.

We are what we eat and what we fuel our body with, helps determine how are body will function after being fed. One thing for sure is that good food helps produce clarity of thought and a peaceful mind. Food high in nutritional content, such as fruits and vegetables, are calorie dense but full of good value that contribute to the overall well being of our body. It can be easy to eat the food that taste the best to our palate, which is typically full of sugar, oils, facts, butter, salt, and more… but the best way to ensure that our brain is operating fully functionally, is to eat well.

If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Trade in one of your meals that is full of sugar, fats, or salts, for a nutritional bowl of vegetables… and gauge how your body feels after eating something that is satiating and good for it. The body knows what is best, it is our mind that typically leads us down the wrong path anyway.

Therefore, if you want to excuse your brain from fog, eat something better for it!