Top Five Best Restaurants in Miami Florida

Miami, the city of sunshine and fun! If your planning a trip to Miami and you love food as much as I do, you might want to know where to eat while you explore this beautiful city. Listed below are the top five restaurants in Miami Florida.

1.Blue Bottle Coffee
Blue Bottle coffee is a great place to start your journey while experiencing the excellent cuisine that Miami has to offer. Not only is it great for lattes, cappuccinos and espresso but it is also known for their excellent breakfast selections such as Belgian waffles, pastries and omelettes that will blow your mind!

1-800-lucky is a Japanese style restaurant that specializes in Asian cuisine. They are most notable for having fish shaped ice cream cones which really bring in the customers. They are also great because they open later but then stay open until 3 a.m making them a great place to pick up a snack late at night.

Shelley’s is a restaurant you may want to make reservations for as it only seats about thirty people at a time, but if you can get in you will not be disappointed. With a large selection of seafood dishes on the menu, Shelley’s makes each dish from scratch using her own recipes. The food is absolutely to die for.

4.Stubborn Seed
The Stubborn Seed made fame from Top Chef on season 13 and after that it has really made it’s mark on the Miami restaurant scene. With a variety of dishes offered and each one as good as the next, you will not be disappointed.

5.Velvet Creme Doughnuts and Coffee
This is another great place to stop for a quick bite and a cup of excellent coffee. I would definitely recommend checking out Velvet Creme Doughnuts and Coffee before you depart from Miami, even if you have to take it to go!

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