Things Bartenders wish you knew

The most common misconception is that bartenders are party animals who just make drinks, but that is far from the truth. In this article there will be insight on things bartenders actually wish you knew. Have you ever sat a bar and became extremely indecisive about what to drink? I think we all have, but the last thing a bartender wants you to do is say “surprise me”.

Mixologist have no idea what you like and when you tell them to surprise you it normally doesn’t end well and you end up disappointed and not wanting to pay for the mystery concoction. The best way to get a bartender to ignore you is to yell, wave your money, or snap your fingers when you’re ready to order your drink.

By doing those things, they will surely ignore you and move you to the back of the line when making drink so please try to refrain from doing those things. When your birthday comes around and you decide to go get drinks please don’t expect to get anything for free. The BEST way to get on a bartender’s good side is to know your order, say please and thank you, and tip at least 20 percent.

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