Best Nacho Dinner Recipes

Whose hungry for some nachos? Nacho’s are notorious for being an excellent appetizer and side dish to a meal but what if we take the deliciousness of nachos and bring it to the forefront of the meal and use them as an entree instead? Listed below are the 5 best recipes for nacho’s starring as the main dish.

1. Cheesy Nacho bake.

This recipe is basically nachos supreme, with any type of topping you desire and then baked in the oven just for about 5 minutes to melt everything together and crisp the tortilla chips. It is extremely delicious and fairly simple to make.

2. Buffalo Chicken Nacho Bake.

This recipe is great for anyone who loves nachos and a little bit of spice. It is a buffalo chicken dip recipe mixed in with fresh tortilla strips and mixed together to create a delicious buffalo chicken entree.

3.Beefy Cheesy Nacho’s Supreme.

This recipe is the perfect recipe for a hearty Mexican style dinner. Sear some ground beef with a little bit of taco seasoning, place it on top of some tortilla chips and add as many toppings as you like to create a tasty meal.

4. Chicken Enchilada Nacho’s.

This dish combines all of the basic ingredients you would use to make enchilada’s except instead of rolling them up into a tortilla shell, you simply place the ingredients over top a bed of nacho chips. It is very simple and truly delicious.

5. Nacho Pizza.

Nacho pizza is a great spin on a nacho recipe that basically uses crushed nacho chips mixed with butter as a base, topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese and then baked into a delicious nacho pizza pie.