5 Quick Green Bean Meals

Green beans are one of those vegetables that is so versatile and pairs perfectly with any main course. Whether fresh, frozen, or canned all of these recipes work perfectly with a few adjustments.

Green Beans & Bacon
Chopped bacon makes this dish just delish. Once the bacon is perfectly browned add a tablespoon of butter and enough bread crumbs to coat bottom of pan. Stir and cook bread crumbs until they are golden and mix in with steamed green beans. For a delicious crust add bread crumbs over the top with some parmesan cheese and let cook in the oven. These green beans are simply scrumptious.

Green Bean Salad
A healthy use of green beans is always a green bean salad and it’s delicious with a chicken or pork cutlet and potato salad. There is nothing easier than steaming some green beans and then throwing them in ice water or just opening a can and mixing with your favorite dressing.

Green Bean Casserole Spin
Everyone knows cream of mushroom soup with green beans and french fried onions is a staple for holiday meals. Putting a little spin on that casserole by adding swiss cheese gives this casserole a bit of a zing that works great with corned beef or brisket and a little mustard for dipping.

Green Bean Dippers
Fresh green beans work best for these lovely dippers. Simply roll in egg and then bread crumbs and fry these babies quickly to a lovely golden brown. Dip in your favorite ranch dip or just plain sour cream and you won’t feel an ounce of guilt!

Green Beans & Garlic Saute
Garlic is one of those ingredients that should always be on hand. Chopping a few cloves and adding to olive oil with some shallots will have your mouth watering in minutes. Add green beans and cook up and serve. Don’t cook too hot or the garlic and shallots will burn, nice and slow and you’ll love the outcome!