5 Ingredients To Beat A Cold

Everyone has such busy lives, a cold is the last thing any one wants getting in the way. There are so many natural remedies out there, but nobody has the time to make various concoctions and try them all out. Here are five ingredients you can add to your daily routine to help beat a cold.

1. Oranges
Citrus fruits in general are filled with vitamin C. These antioxidants will be beneficial for your health and block that cold.

2. Garlic
Filled with immunity boosting supplements. Garlic is not only known to ward off cold symptoms but it’s great for opening up your sinuses.

3. Honey
The antiseptic properties of honey can help with colds, viruses and infections. Look for buckwheat honey and remember not to give to children under a year old. Add honey to your tea or just eat a spoonful.

4. Ginger
Ginger sort of does it all. A natural pain and fever reducer, this super food can fight off colds and suppress coughing. Shave some fresh ginger into your tea and reap all the benefits.

5. Soup
Homemade chicken or vegetable soup has magical qualities that people have sworn by for generations. Like the doctor always says when you have a cold, drink lots of fluids. This anti-inflammatory food might lift your spirits and make your body feel better.