Food That Makes You Happy: 5 Best Dishes Ever

They say you are what you eat. If that is true, eating one of these five dishes once a day should make you a very happy person indeed as they are considered to be the 5 best dishes ever. The best 5 dishes that will make you happy forever are:

-Peking Duck, China

The main reason that this dish is considered to be so good is said to be the maltose syrup glaze that you put on the skin. The slow roasting of this dish probably helps in making it delicious. The glaze is considered so delightful that some restaurants may actually serve more skin than meat. Pancakes, onions and sweet basin sauce go well with this dish. Peoplpe should only eat duck this way.

-Sushi, Japan

This dish is a mixture of rice and fish that you don’t even have to cook and still ends up interesting.

-Chocolate, Mexico

This dish is so good that people have it despite the fact that it can cause teeth decay and obesity. You can enjoy this dish, but you should watch how much you eat.

-Neapolitan pizza, Italy

This is the simplest form of pizza and the best,

-Massaman Curry, Thailand

This dish is considered to be the king of curries. It is a mixture of sweet and savory, spicy coconuts. It is so spicy that you better have a pitcher of water at the ready. You should also make sure that you eat it with rice.

Thailand is a happy place to be if you want to eat some of the best dishes in the world.