15 Healthy Soups to Kick Your Comfort Food Cravings

Winter’s known to bring along more things than just ice and cold. There is nothing better than good old comfort food during the cold. Sure snow seems to fall down all around us but it’s not enjoyable if you are under the weather. During the winter many of us catch that common cold or flu bug. Worse yet is that it seems to draw strength the longer the season lingers. Now you’re not only stuck inside on a cold wintery day but you also feel bad too. There is nothing better than warming yourself up with a bowl of warm soup or stew during the winter time. It seems to melt the cold away and warm you from the inside out. It’s a proven fact that a bowl or two of soup can get your immune system on the right track to recovery. Here are 15 healthy soups to kick your comfort food cravings just in time for the cold.

· Homestyle chicken noodle soup

· Broccoli and cheese soup

· Rustic corn chowder

· Chicken & dumplings

· Chicken tortilla soup

· French onion soup

· Hearty beef stew

· Vegetable beef soup

· Creamy tomato soup

· Potato sausage soup

· Potato cheese soup

· Italian wedding soup

· Chicken and rice soup

· Minestrone

· Split pea and ham soup