10 Favorite Restaurant Meal Tips of the Year

So you have that special someone coming over and you have to cook for them. You want something elegant and charming. Something that will catch their eye and palate. You want them to feel like they are at a restaurant. Here are 10 tricks to turn your ordinary dinner into an elegant meal. Worthy of any restaurant around.

1. Stick with a protein that you have cooked before. You want to stay with something like chicken. You can dress up any meat or protein.

2. Experiment with sauces. Sauces give an added elegance to a meal. But be careful you don’t drown it.

3. The presentation is key. Make sure the plate looks nice. Wipe all excess from the edges.

4. Portion the food correctly. Make sure you don’t have too much of one thing and not enough of something else.

5. Keep it simple. You don’t want to go too elaborate, especially if this is your first time.

6. Stay calm. If you let yourself get frazzled then you will lose track of time and things could go bad.

7. Keep décor simple. You want the food to be the star.

8. Simple lighting like a couple candles can give a great contrast to food. Make sure it fits.

9. Don’t dress before cooking. There is always a chance that you could spill something and have to change int eh end.

10. Have fun. This is for you too.

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